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Sri Lanka | 04 December 2017

Acquaintance with Sri Lanka began at the airport of Colombo, where we landed at 7 am on 04 December 2017.
The visa was received on arrival, right at the airport, filling a small customs declaration and paying a visa fee at a bad rate, we had only euro.

We did not have a local currency, and we stayed there, all that was possible for two night flights, so we decided to go to the reserved hotel as usual. He was at the nearest town to the airport, Negombo.

The path was along a very busy road, there was dust, there was a smell of exhaust gases, it was very noisy and hot, everyone was buzzing, overtaking, passing drivers Tuk Tukov did not give passage, offered to give a ride. Everybody greeted each other. There were no pedestrian paths.
The day promised to be cheerful.

The weather really pleased. It was hot even to us, accustomed to living in warm countries. The path was not so close. In reality, the distance was a bit larger than it looked on the map. We had to bypass almost the entire airport, our hotel was on the other side.

After a couple of hours along the noisy highway, we turned into our small town Negombo.

We got to the Christian part, on the way saw the school and the church, the houses of local residents, who were very surprised by the Europeans, wandered to them to the outskirts. Everyone, absolutely everyone, greeted, waved, whether they were schoolchildren or passing, people passing by.

Find a hotel was not difficult, though with a GPS navigator. Besides him in the neighborhood there were a couple of small hotels, a family type.
We reached it in 4 hours, I think we are the only ones who did it on foot.

The family hotel was pretty nice and quite cheap, especially after Dubai. Even breakfast included in the price list. The room had its own shower and toilet. True, there was no electricity, they said work on the line, but after a couple of hours, electricity appeared.

After two night flights, we decided to rest and go in the evening to see the surroundings, the beach, the city.
In the evening, trying to find the way to the ocean, went straight, again along the roads, all unchanged, each Tuk Tuk strives to give a lift, each local to say hello.
Local, trendy disco.

Trying to get to the ocean, wandered into the territory, as it turned out to be a closed church.

Wandering along the small houses located on the shore, we tried to find an outlet to the ocean. Checking with the navigator, it became clear to the nearest good place, a normal beach, a couple more kilometers. In this place all exits to the ocean, as it is not sad, were littered with garbage. After wandering a little more around the town, we went back to the hotel.

In the morning, having breakfast, as it later turned out, dishes of national cuisine, these are local pancakes, on Tuk Tuk, went to the bus station. There we bought a ticket, very cheaply by the way, to Kandy. Buses on Sri Lanka are very exotic, inside many different posters, many deities are depicted.

The path took a couple of hours, there were a lot of people on the bus, the road was up and down, then to the right, to the left. We left at the bus station, immediately felt how polluted the city was, the fat of the Tuk Tuk are bustling around, cars, it’s difficult to breathe. Something else was expected from the city located on the top of the mountain, especially since this is a paradise island, Ceylon is a tea island, but this is a separate story.

Our hotel, again a family house, was on top of the mountain, the distance was small, only two kilometers. Checking the direction of the navigator, we went to his search. The road lay like a road serpentine, then they stopped to rest for a while, the heat, the total gas content, and may be discharged air.
Nevertheless, the city opened a very nice view.

After wandering along winding roads, a couple of times we got confused and found a hotel. A few nice houses that belonged to the same family, they turned them into a hotel. The view was beautiful.

After dinner, we went to see the city, its sights.

The next morning, we went by train to Colombo, the largest city in Sri Lanka. We took off on the train, it was not a good idea. There were a lot of people, people went even on the bandwagon, clinging to the windows. By the car, beggars went on and on and on, they sold endlessly some kind of food, betel leaves, soup in sachets. The road took 4 tiring hours.

Colombo, it seems, tries to produce the impression of a developing city, builds a lot, a new block on the coast, a communication tower, in a few years it will be quite a pretty city.

The central square and the embankment in the photo can be seen pouring into the ocean, a new quarter.

We had lunch, contrary to our habits, at McDonald’s.

We decided to check the choice of tea in local stores, nothing special was found, only Dilmah, took a pack, on trial. Surprisingly, the Sri Lankans themselves are not tea lovers, you will not find tea here almost anywhere, there is none in the cafe or in restaurants, very rarely, it can be brewed, but from the sachet …

Then we went to the city center, to see the sights that were found on the map.

Dubai, UAE | 27 November – 03 December 2017

The plane landed in Dubai late, the last bus, on which we could leave to the metro train station, left.
We already had a local currency with us, so we immediately bought plastic cards for payment in local public transport.
Until the next bus to Deira, there was about an hour of waiting, it was warm outside, settling down at the bus stop, we waited for the bus.
There was an idea to get to the city on foot, about 25-30 km, but supposing that we would not find a normal footpath in the city, the idea was abandoned.

Reaching the bus to the terminal station, it turned out that our hotel in Deira, and the ferry is no longer working. It was impossible to walk along the underground tunnel. Therefore, after asking the local location, they began to look for a bus stop, the next one to Deira.
Having finally arrived at the hotel, in anticipation of the rest and some kind of food, we were a little upset by the lack of normal rooms, the time was about 2 nights. We were given a room on the first floor, with one window facing the inside of the building, where the cat mewed assiduously.

Leaving things, we decided to find food, the closest institution was KFC, I would not call us fans of such food, but we had no choice.

The next morning, having moved to another bright and spacious room, on the top floor, with a witness to the central street, we went to the center.

Having reached the nearest metro train station, we went to the center of Dubai.
All trains are automated, there are no machinists in them.

It was already getting dark, so we decided to go outside the Burj Khalif, see the tower and the evening fountain show. We went to the Dubai Mall, a very large Shopping Center, from which not just get out.

The way to the hotel was again through the Dubai Mall, it is the metro station.

In Dubai Mall found a mock-up of the structure, which will be erected in Dubai, again higher, again more.

Walked along the Aquarium, did not enter inside, according to the description it is less than that we already were, in Istanbul.

For the first day was more than enough and we went to the hotel.

The next day, according to the previous plan, he’s the last one in Dubai, we started with Dubai Marina. Got the same way, metro train.

The water was cool enough, however, this did not stop some of you from still swimming. But we decided to go along the shore to The Palm Jumeirah. But, as it turned out, many beaches are private, private, we bumped into a dead end, there was only one way out, to return almost to the point from which we started.  Its Exit from The Beach:

Before The Palm Jumeirah got partly on the tram, partly on foot. We reached the place of departure of the monorail, we did not go to the palm tree, it is very expensive and too much Chinese tourists, there is nowhere to go.

Our next point is Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The path was chosen on foot, you go, you look, you admire. The only negative, it became very hot, so periodically make stops under the palms in the shade or inside the closed air-conditioned stops.

A few hours later, we saw Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The entrance was again private, so admired from afar. The whole territory, including the beach around it is built up, the only place, a paid bar-cafe on the beach or … watch from afar, as most tourists have done.

Further we moved on foot to the nearest metro station, the plans were to get to the center, to the tower. Our path, and this is a few kilometers, lay in a block with pretty nice mansions.

Having passed on the metro, we again went out on the square of fountains, near the tower.

After watching the next show of fountains, they began to walk along the evening city center.

The next morning, according to plan, we had a flight to India, the Golden Triangle, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. But this time, getting to India was not destined …
In the morning, having evicted from the hotel, we went on foot to the airport, simultaneously looking at the city, there was plenty of time. We walked along the Dubai Deira Creek.

Before the flight to India, there were about 6 hours left, so it was time to relax while walking to the airport.

We arrived at the airport on time, stocked up with provisions for the night flight to Delhi. But, exactly when the boarding for the plane was to begin, it was found out that the flight was postponed the next day, and we needed to stay for 24 hours or return to Dubai and spend the night there. The airline refused to provide anyone with a hotel, people were very unhappy.

In our case, everything turned out to be worse, our visa to India operated only until the morning and therefore, when the flight was carried over to the next evening, we could not get to Delhi (to extend or get a visa on the spot was not real either, so we were answered at the Indian Embassy and in the border service in India, where we called)

The airline advised us to receive a new electronic visa, usually it is issued for 2 days. Time was. But we all did not consider that the national day was in Dubai, everything was closed and the date on the electronic visa was far beyond our dates (our route Delhi, Agra and Jaipur already had an air ticket to Singapore), so we were severely restricted by Yes, there.

We decided to wait until the end of the holiday and go directly to the Embassy of India in Dubai.
Because of the holidays, the hotels in Dubai were all busy and only the most expensive remained. Therefore, the night spent the night, or rather, they were sitting at the airport.

In the morning, when it was light, we moved towards the city on foot.

The weather was very hot, so stayed in a cafe, cheer up a cup of coffee and book a hotel.

After booking an inexpensive hotel, we went to sleep, did not sleep more than 48 hours, in the morning – the Indian Embassy.

In the morning, visiting the Embassy of India, we learned that we will not have time to get any visa, so we decided to go to the airport the next day, get a ticket for the ticket and choose another direction, in the course of our trip, any country where we do not need a visa.
After the Indian embassy, on the subway train, we went to the city center.

Dubai Frame accidentally saw passing on the subway, decided to stop, see.

In the park, there were many walking, in honor of the national holiday, was the Fair.

In a nearby park, which can be accessed by a pedestrian bridge, for a fee, you can find dinosaurs.

On top of the day, walked from the photo frame to the city center.

In the morning, when you were evicted from the hotel, you saw an amusing sight, the hotel staff tried to decorate the tree, but it was evident that there was not enough experience.

Dined before a big walk to the airport, again in the same way, again on foot, again McDonald’s.

Arriving at the airport, we met with the representatives of the airline IndiGo, we made a full refund of the unfulfilled flight and helped to find the next segment of our trip.
We stayed in Sri Lanka, with a transfer in Oman, a visa for both countries was not needed for us. The transplant was kotortkaya, only 1 hour, but we must make it, there is no choice.
Flight night, again the night does not sleep, while enjoying the view from the window to the flying Emirates aircraft.

Instead of the planned 4 days, we spent 7 days in Dubai, it was a difficult time, situations that could question our Circumnavigation at the very beginning, but everything was resolved successfully and we are still moving to the East, following the Sun.

Dubai left a unique impression, be sure to come back here again.

Second Around The World Travel 2018/2019

We start from our home town, Burgas. From March of 2018 our city have low cost company Ryanair, sometimes we can take flights only for 1 euro 🙂

11 October of 2018 | Burgas, Bulgaria to Warsaw, Poland
We will fly with Ryaniar to Warsaw Modlin.
Ticket price is 57 euro, two peoples, one way.

12 October of 2018 | Warsaw, Poland to Bergen, Norway
We will arrive at Warsaw at 20.40, stay one night and will have next fly to Bergen, Norway with WizzAir.
Ticket price is 87 euro, two tickets, one way.

12 October of 2018 | Bergen, Norway to Newburgh, USA
In same day, we will fly from Bergen to New York Stewart Airport at evening with Norwegian Airlines.
Ticket price is 216 euro, two tickets, one way.

12 October of 2018 | Newburgh to New York, USA
From airport we will go to New York, next few days we will be in NY.

12 – 16 October of 2018 | New York, USA

16 October of 2018 | New York to Niagara Falls, USA
From NY we will go to Niagara Falls, without Canada at this time.
Our trip from New York to Niagara Falls by Megabus, 9 hors and 24 USD.

16 – 17 October of 2018 | Niagara Falls, USA
We will stay with one family, from Couchsurfing.

17 October of 2018 | Niagara Falls to New York, USA
by Megabus only for 20 USD, for 2 peoples

17 – 18 October of 2018 | New York, USA

18 – 19 October of 2018 | Washington, USA

19 – 20 October of 2018 | Wilmington, USA

20 – 21 October of 2018 | Savannah, USA

21 – 22 October of 2018 | Orlando, USA

22 – 26 October of 2018 | Miami, USA

26  October of 2018 | Key West, USA

27 October of 2018 | Miami, USA

27 October of 2018 | Miami to Orlando, USA

27 October of 2018 | Orlando to Jacksonville, USA
with Megabus

27 – 29 October of 2018 | Jacksonville, USA

29 October of 2018 | Jacksonville to Denver to San Antonio, USA
with Frontier Airlines, 87 USD (two tickets and year discount) 2 people.

29 – 30 October of 2018 | San Antonio, USA

30 October to 31 October of 2018 | Dallas, USA

31 October – 04 November of 2018 | Phoenix, USA

04 November of 2018 | Phoenix to Las Vegas, USA

04 – 05 November of 2018 |  Las Vegas, USA

05 – 07 November of 2018 |  Grand Canyon, USA

07 – 08 November of 2018 | Las Vegas, USA

08 November of 2018 | Las Vegas to Sacramento, USA
with Frontier Airlines

08 – 10 November of 2018 | Sacramento, USA

10 November of 2018 | Sacramento to San Francisco, USA
with Megabus

10 – 12 November of 2018 | San Francisco, USA

12 November of 2018 | Oakland to Honolulu, USA
We have flight to Hawaii with Alaska Air.

12 – 19 November of 2018 | Hawaii, USA

19 November of 2018 | Hawaii, USA to Osaka, Japan
Flight with Air Asia.

19 – 21 November of 2018 | Osaka, Japan

21 November of 2018 | Osaka to Okayama, Japan

21 – 23 November of 2018 | Okayama, Japan

23 November of 2018 | Okayama to Kitakyushu, Japan

23 – 25 November of 2018 | Kitakyushu, Japan

25 November of 2018 | Kitakyushu to Fukuoka, Japan

25 – 27 November of 2018 | Fukuoka, Japan

27 November of 2018 | Fukuoka, Japan to Busan, S.Korea
Flight with Air Busan.

27 November – 02 December of 2018 | Busan, S.Korea

02 December of 2018 | Busan, S. Korea to Hong Kong

02 – 07 December of 2018 | Hong Kong, China

07 December of 2018 | Hong Kong, China to Chiang Rai, Thailand

07 – 09 December of 2018 | Chiang Rai, Thailand

09 – 12 December of 2018 | Chiang Mai, Thailand

12 – 13 December of 2018 | Phitsanulok, Thailand

13 -15 December of 2018 | Sukhothai, Thailand

15 December of 2018 | Phitsanulok to Bangkok, Thailand
flight with NokAir

15 – 17 December of 2018 | Bangkok, Thailand

17 December of 2018 | Bangkok to Krabi, Thailand
flight with NokAir

17 – 23 December of 2018 | Krabi, Thailand

23 – 25 December of 2018 | Ko Lanta, Thailand

25 – 27 December of 2018 | Phi Phi, Thailand

27 – 29 December of 2018 | Patong, Thailand

29 December to 02 January 2019 | Rawai, Thailand

02 – 03 January of 2019 | Phuket, Thailand

03 – 05 January of 2019 | Hat Yai, Thailand

05 – 08 January of 2019 | Penang, Malaysia

08 – 10 January of 2019 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10 January of 2019 | Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Bali, Indonesia

10 – 12 January of 2019 | Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

12 – 14 January of 2019 | Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

16 – 18 January of 2019 | Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia

18 – 19 January of 2019 | Pulukan, Bali, Indonesia

19 – 21 January of 2019 | Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

21 – 24 January of 2019 | Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

24 – 27 January of 2019 | Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

27 – 28 January of 2019 | Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

28 – 29 January of 2019 | Badung, Bali, Indonesia

29 January – 03 February of 2019 | Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

03 – 05 February of 2019 | Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

 05 February of 2019 | Bali, Indonesia to Darwin, Australia

05 February – 08 February of 2019 | Darwin, Australia

08 – 14 February of 2019 | Darwin to Brisbane, Australia

14 – 16  February of 2019 | Brisbane, Australia

16 – 18  February of 2019 | Brisbane to Sydney, Australia

18 – 20  February of 2019 | Sydney, Australia

20 – 22  February of 2019 | Sydney to Melbourne, Australia

22 – 24  February of 2019 | Melbourne, Australia

24 – 26  February of 2019 | Melbourne to Adelaide, Australia

26 – 28  February of 2019 | Adelaide, Australia

28 – 05  March of 2019 | Adelaide to Perth, Australia

05 – 07  March of 2019 | Perth, Australia

07  March of 2019 | Perth, Australia to Colombo, Sri Lanka

March of 2019 | Sri Lanka

March of 2019 | Sri Lanka to Dubai, UAE

March of 2019 | Dubai, UAE to Poland

March of 2019 | from Poland by car to Bulgaria


Our things for Around The World Travel

Day 6 before the beginning of Our Around The World Travel.
We decided to put all our things together, which we will take with us.

Based on the experience of our previous trips, it was decided to minimize the list of things.
Very often, taking something with me, like many T-shirts, I did not have time to put them all on.
Especially since we are the beginning of our journey in Asia, where a very creative and not expensive jersey.
Last winter we bought some good T-shirts in Thailand, for a year of active use in Bulgaria, their color did not change, the pattern was not worn and they did not weed.

The most important thing in a long journey, do not be afraid to part with a thing that you do not need. Do not bother your back, give it to the local, give it to someone it needs more.

Most of our things, we bought via the Internet, on Ebay and Aliexpress. For those who are interested, the links below are in the description.

In our backpacks:
1. Action Camera GoPro Session 4
2. Selfish stick for GoPro Session 4
3. Apple Notebook
4. Case for GoPro
5. Backpack Adidas
6. Backpack WillPower
7. Post Cards and different Souvenirs (magnets, Bulgarian ceramics, Bulgarian spices and Bulgarian Rose Oil) from our Ebay Store
8. Sleeping Bag
9. Chargers for Phones
10. Charger for Apple Notebook
11. Samsung J7 Prime
12. Samsung A3
13. Charge Adapter different Types of Keys
14. EBook Amazon Kindle
15. Air Pillows
16. Wallet
17. Passport
18. Baseball Cap
19. Uno Cards
20. Sunglasses
21. Space Blanket – the perfect thing for a Traveler
22. Belt
23. Tar and Aleppo Soaps from our Ebay Store
24. Cosmetic Bag
25. Flip Flops
26. Oranges 🙂
27. Best Chines Tea

Money, paper, coins, cash

Money, paper, coins, cash – all these are opportunities, this is moving forward.

Do not be afraid to start your journey with some money.
After all, a shortage or a limited amount of money always makes you wiggle your brain and get out, come up with income options.

On a trip, make sure you make copies of your bank cards. If VISA is issued to the main account, then order an additional MASTERCARD and vice versa.
As shown by the practice of travel: in Europe (for example, Germany) can not accept VISA for payment, and in Asia (for example, Thailand) – European cards.
Despite this, it is always worthwhile to have a little cash in your wallet: euro for the European Union and dollars for the rest of the world.

Another useful tip, if possible, change some of the currency of the country you are eating. As a rule, it can be done in the central large banks of your city. Well, or at the airports on arrival but with a less favorable rate. And having a local cash you will easily and without loss get to the city center or hotel by taxi metro or bus.

Our journey runs from Europe to Asia, Australia and the United States of America. And if in the latter you can manage non-cash and already contactless payments from bank cards integrated into the smartphone, then in Asia, as before, trust in the physical cache with watermarks.

We prepared and exchanged:
100 AED – Dirham of the United Arab Emirates
500 INR – Indian Rupee
20 SGD – Singapore Dollar
300 – Thailand Bahts
500 000 VND – Vietnamese Dong
40 AUD – Australian Dollar
And 50 USD – American dollar at 1 dollar


Bulgaria is a beautiful country on the Balkan Peninsula – forests, seas, fields and mountains, ancient Greek and Roman cities, markets and bazaars with a variety of goods and of course cozy, Bulgarian villages.

Bulgaria is located in South-Eastern Europe and occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Its territory is between 44 ° 13 ‘and 41 ° 14’ north latitude and between 22 °22 ‘and 28 °37’ east longitude. This is the European, Balkan, Black Sea and Danube states. Such a geographical position puts it between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Bulgaria is closer to the equator than to the pole and enters the southern part of the temperate climatic belt with the influence of subtropics. This location on the transition from one climatic zone to another is reflected in the climate, soils, vegetation and fauna. And for all of them there is a significant diversity.

Our First Around The World Trip

Our First Around The World Trip 2017/2018

 Countries: 10   Flights: 21   Total Travel Time: 100 days   Total Flight Time: 115 hours 

26 November of 2017 | Burgas to Sofia, Bulgaria

We will start our Around The World Trip at 27 November of 2017 year from our home town – Burgas, its south – east of Bulgaria.
Small, but very beautiful city at black sea cost.
We are heading to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
With train: 6-8 hours – 1, 2 sitting class, sleeping places, only at night, cost is from 15 USD to 31 USD.
With bus: 6 hours, cost is 17 USD.
Sometimes you can take cheap flights from Burgas to Sofia for 40 USD, flights only 40 minutes.
With car only for 3-4 hours with high-speed road, Trakia. Your car you can leave at the airport there is a multi-level parking, cost is from 1 euro per hour, 12 USD per day, from 7 day and up for 3 USD per day.

26 – 27 November of 2017 | First our stop is Sofia, capital of Republic Bulgaria     ⇐ Check here
Where we take flight to Dubai, UAE with flights Wizz Air, which we find at most popular site for flight tickets – KIWI.
It was very cheap, only 40 USD for one people, 1 way. Flight – 7 hours.
We will stay at a good hotel, which is near the airport and has a transfer service to the airport – Suit Hotel Sofia ***
Pleasant feature of the hotel, they give the right to be 24 hours from the moment of settling, that is in the morning you can sleep more if you have such an opportunity.
Price is 143 euro 129 USD with discount, 2 peoples, 1 night.

27 November of 2017 | Sofia, Bulgaria to Dubai, UAE

27 November to 03 December of 2017 | Dubai, UAE      ⇐ Check here
It our second time in UAE, but first time was only transfer at our trip from Bulgaria to Thailand in winter of 2016 year. In this dates we will see Dubai.
Our accommodation is Golden Sands Hotel Apartments, from the photos, a very cozy place, there is a kitchen and a bedroom, next to all the main attractions.
Price is 481 USD 406 USD, 2 peoples, 6 nights.

03 – 04 December of 2017 | Dubai, UAE to Muscat, Oman    ⇐ Check here

We will take flight to Muscat, Oman with Oman Airlines – tickets we found on the search site, which is the best of its kind. Price is 62 USD for one person, one way. Flight – 1 hour.
From Muscat, Oman we fly to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

04 December of 2017 | Muscat, Oman to Negombo, Sri Lanka    ⇐ Check here

04 – 05 December of 2017 | Negombo, Sri Lanka
Its only 15 minutes drive with Tuk Tuk from airport of Colombo. We stopped in a very quiet, calm and pleasant area. The Hermitage Negombo a small and cozy house, in which they rent individual, very comfortable rooms. In the morning you will be served an excellent breakfast.
Price is 10 USD, 2 peoples, one night.

05 December of 2017 | Negombo to Kandy, Sri Lanka
In this day we take a bus to Kandy, Sri Lanka. It was around 4 hours. Very cheap, but very long way.

05 – 06 December of 2017 | Kandy, Sri Lanka
We find one nice hotel with perfect view – Hanthana Jungle View.
Price is 34 USD, 2 person, one night.

06 December of 2017 | Kandy to Colombo, Sri Lanka
It was crazy way by train from Kandy to Colombo, old train, may peoples 🙂

06 – 07 December of 2017 | Colombo, Sri Lanka
In last two days we walk in Colombo. We leave in small hotel, close to sea and city center. Ivy Lane Colombo – nice place for good money.
Price is 60 USD, 2 person, one night.

07 December of 2017 | Colombo to Negombo, Sri Lanka
With cheap local bus, around one hour.

07 – 08 December of 2017 | Negombo, Sri Lanka
We stay again in same place, its close to airport and we like place and peoples in this city. The Hermitage Negombo.
Price is 10 USD, 2 peoples, one night.

08 – 09 December of 2017 | Colombo, Sri Lanka to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

09 December of 2017 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Small time point to change flight to bus to Singapore.

09 December of 2017 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore
One day trip with perfect sleep bus.

09 – 10 December of 2017 | Singapore – a high-tech city is a state
Technology, skyscrapers, people…
In the country we get from India, Jaipur flight by search engine KIWI. we found through the search engine. Flight – 8 hours.
Singapore is not a cheap city. We chose the place for a long time where we would stay and chose a fairly decent hotel network, the price and quality is quite consistent, near the center and the main sights Hotel 81 Sakura **
Price is 166 USD 130 USD with discount, 2 peoples, 1 nights.

10 December of 2017 | Singapore to Krabi, Thailand

10 – 12 December of 2017 | Krabi, Thailand – country of smiles
In this wonderful country, we were in 2016-2017, in Bangkok and on the island of Phuket, I liked very much, I wanted to return. This time we chose the Krabi area, where we spend 8 days enjoying the clear and warm sea.
This flight we found through the search engine KIWI. Price is 48 USD, one way, one people. Flight – 8 hours.
Our accommodation is Ao Nang Cliff View Resort ***
It’s amazing, Thai-style bungalows in tropical greenery. Free hourly beach shuttles to Ao Nang Beach and an outdoor pool.
Ao Nang Cliff View Resort is 4.8 km from Phra Nang Cave, close to Tiger Cave Temple and a 30 minute drive from Krabi Airport. Free parking is available.
Price is 155 USD 74 USD with discount, 2 peoples, two nights.

12 December of 2017 | Krabi to Phuket, Thailand

12 – 17 December of 2017 | Phuket, Thailand
This property is a 12-minute walk from the beach. Featuring free WiFi and a terrace, Again at Rawai Beach offers accommodations in Rawai Beach, just 11.3 km from Patong Beach. Free private parking.
Every room at this guest house is air conditioned and has a TV with satellite channels. Certain units feature a sitting area where you can relax. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom.
You will find a 24-hour front desk at the property.
Karon Beach is 7.2 km from Again at Rawai Beach, and Kata Beach is 4.5 km away.
The nearest airport is Phuket Airport, 35.4 km from Again at Rawai Beach.
Price is 145 USD, 2 peoples, five nights.

17 December of 2017 | Phuket to Krabi, Thailand

17 – 19 December of 2017 | Krabi, Thailand
Price is 45 USD, 2 peoples, two nights.
Baan Andaman Hotel is a 5-minute drive from Krabi’s town centre. It offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and beautiful Asian furnishings. Free shuttles bring guests to Krabi Local Market.
The air-conditioned rooms at Baan Andaman feature wooden furnishings and a private balcony. Each room has cable TV and a seating area. The en suite bathroom provides a hot shower.
Staff at the 24-hour reception can help with tour bookings, luggage storage, and car rental. Board games are also available for loan.
Baan Andaman Hotel is a 20-minute drive from Krabi International Airport.

19 December of 2017 | Krabi, Thailand to Mandalay, Myanmar

19 – 21 December of 2017 | Mandalay, Myanmar
A new country, not yet known by us.
Flight from airport Krabi, Thailand, duration 10 hours, with transfer in Bangkok, Thailand. Price is 67 USD, one way, one people. Flight performs Air Asia, flight we found through the search engine KIWI.
Our accommodation is Smart Hotel ***
Price is 52 USD, 2 peoples, two nights.

21 December od 2017 | Mandalay to Bagan, Myanmar

21 – 25 December of 2017 | Bagan, Myamnam
We take bus from Mandalay. Time 4 hours.
Our accommodation is Innwa Motel **
Price is 126 USD, 2 peoples, four nights.

25 December of 2017 | Bagan to Yangon, Myanmar

25 – 26 December of 2017 | Yangon, Myanmar
It was night train from Bagan. Duration 10 hours. Price is 15 USD.
Our accommodation is LAI LAI Hotel *
Price is 26 USD, 2 peoples, one nights.

26 December of 2017 | Yangon, Myanmar to Bangkok, Thailand

26 – 28 December of 2017 | Bangkok, Thailand
Small flight from Myanmar, Yangon to Bangkok, Thailand with Nok Air, only for 34 euro, one way, one people.
Tickets we find at meta search site KIWI
Our accommodation is Sweetheart Tree Homestay *
Price is 36 euro, 2 peoples, one nights.

28 December of 2017 | Bangkok, Thailand to Ho Chi Minh, Thailand

28 December of 2017 – 01 January of 2018 | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Small flight from Myanmar, Yangon to Bangkok, Thailand with Nok Air, only for 34 euro, one way, one people.
Tickets we find at meta search site KIWI
Our accommodation is Dragon Palace II Hotel ***
Price is 180 USD, 2 peoples, four nights.

01 January of 2018 | Ho Chi Minh to Delta Mekong, Vietnam

01 – 02 January of 2018 | Delta Mekong, Vietnam
Its amazing place. We find one mate on Couchsurfing, who take us delta Mekong. We stay one night in small village at Delta Mekong, in one small English School. It was free.

02 January of 2018 | My Tho to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

02 – 03 January of 2018 | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
After Delta of Mekong we stay again in Ho Chi Minh, we find some very cheap tickets with VietJet Air to Nha Trang, Vietnam.
Our Hotel Melodi Viet only 10 minutes walking to International and Domestic airport of Ho Chi MInh.
Price is 18 USD, 2 peoples, one nights.

03 December of 2018 | Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang, Vietnam

03 – 09 January of 2018 | Nha Trang, Vietnam
Ocean, beach, sands, good-natured people. So Nha Trang met us very well. We lived in three different parts of the city.
Queen 2 Hotel, two nights, two peoples 14 USD.
Dong Hai Hotel, two nights, two peoples 20 USD.
Let’s Go Hotel,  two nights, two peoples 16 USD.

09 January of 2018 | Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

09 – 10 January of 2018 | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
And again this city 🙂 Stay one night before our flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in The Airport Hotel, only 1 mile from airport of Ho Chi Minh.

10 January of 2018 | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10 – 11 January of 2018 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
We were in this beautiful country in 2017, in January. Have been during the week in Kuala Lumpur.
This time we will only be one night, the change of flight, in our debt flight from Vietnam to Australia.
Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Kuala Lumpur within 3 hours, Air Asia Airlines. Price is 21 euro, one way, one people.
6 hours we will have to Kuala Lumpur, or rather to his airport and then a 4 hour flight to Australia, the city of Perth, with the same airline. Price is 38 euro, one way, one people.
Tickets we find at meta search site KIWI 

11 January of 2018 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Perth, Australia

11 – 15 January of 2018 | Perth, Australia
Its our first time in Australia. In city we will stay with local family from Couchsurfing.

15 January of 2018 | Perth to Melbourne, Australia

15 – 18 January of 2018 | Melbourne, Australia
We will take a plane from Perth to Melborne with JetStar Airways. Price is 80 euro, one way, one people.
Tickets we find at meta search site KIWI
Our accommodation is Ibis Budget – Fawkner **
Price is 118 euro, two days, two peoples.
One day we stay with local family from Couchsurfing.

18 January of 2018 | Melbourne to Sydney, Australia

18 – 28 January of 2018 | Sydney, Australia
With Jetstar Airways we reach Sydney.
We stay in 3 different hotels:
First was close to city center, second and third – campuses of universities, some of which are rented in summer, during non-educational time.

28 January of 2018 | Sydney, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

28 – 31 January of 2018 | Honolulu, United States of America

31 January of 2018 | Honolulu, Hawaii to San Francisco, USA

31 January – 03 February of 2018 | San Francisco, USA

03 February of 2018 | San Francisco to Los Angeles, USA


03 – 06 February of 2018 | Los Angeles, USA

06 February of 2018 | Los Angeles to San Diego, USA

06 – 10 February of 2018 | San Diego, USA

10 February of 2018 | San Diego to Phoenix, USA

10 – 12 February of 2018 | Phoenix, USA

12 February of 2018 | Phoenix to San Antonio, USA

12 – 13 February of 2018 | San Antonio, USA

13 February of 2018 | San Antonio to Houston, USA

13 – 15 February of 2018 | Houston, USA

15 February of 2018 | Houston to New Orleans, USA

15 – 16 February of 2018 | New Orleans, USA

18 February of 2018 | New Orleans to Orlando, USA

18 – 21 February of 2018 | Orlando, USA

21 February of 2018 | Orlando to West Palm Beach, Miami, USA

21 – 22 February of 2018 | West Palm Beach, USA

22 February of 2018 | West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale, Miami, USA

22 – 24 February of 2018 | Fort Lauderdale, USA

24 February of 2018 | Fort Lauderdale to Miami Beach, USA

24 February – 01 March of 2018 | Miami Beach, Florida, USA

01 March of 2018 | Miami to Providence, USA

01 – 02 March of 2018 | Providence, USA

02 – 03 March of 2018 | Providence, USA to Edinburgh, Scotland, USA

03 March of 2018 | Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

03 March of 2018 | Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom to Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

03 – 05 March of 2018 | Sofia, Bulgaria

05 March of 2018 | Sofia to Burgas, Bulgaria, EU

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