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Man is made happy by 3 things: love, interesting work, travel possibility (Ivan Bunin).

And I would say the love to interesting work makes such possibility. And this grows to dependence.
This is like possessed. Yes, and we are possessed!

Protected ourselves from opium and alcohol, we became depended from history, biology, physics and other science.
Travelling unites this together.

Thirsty for drive, adventures, movements forward to all new and unknown, opening one by another Pandora boxes, packing up one pazl by another, remembering school geography lessons, we like young Magellan Alexanders or Christopher Columbus, burst into each new for us country and dipped with head into her culture, architecture, grocery and life mode.

Though no, we are Macedon Alexanders, living at Balkans near Macedonia. We live in Bulgarian Republic.

Somebody says:”I have been in Italy”, though drived only one time via Venice channels.

Or somebody says:”I have been in France”. Climbed up one time at tower and walked through Montmartre.

We visited the whole Europe, back again and again to the some countries, looking to the each corner.
Untypical, nontouristical, unusual one. Go down from ways pathed by millions.
Try on such different suits, go deep into such different minds and languages.

Now our way is to the EAST. To meet Sun. And our travelling is named .“ The Way to the Sun”.

The theatre begins from stand and travelling begins from meeting and calculations. Yes, yes exactly from meeting (conversation).
Even one would think the most unbalanced travelling begin to form in good time and somewhere in subconsiousness. May be you don’t understand how you are helped, you are pushed from all sides to the first step. And in right direction.

You are helped by your friends, friends fellow telling you about their adventure emotions.
You are helped by Mass Media, by metro and street advertising, TV and travelling channels.
They attract and tempt you.

Yes, even photo wall paper or presented cap with picture get deeply into your brain cover and this may be the beginning of those thoughtless and unforgettable adventures for day, week, month.
It’s not difficult in our time to find plane’s, train’s or ship’s ticket by profitable price pushing twice you mobile phone or notebook, draw up visa or hotel, to order car and of course to make online payments for this and more one. You may do everything in comfortable conditions as you got used to.

Of course if you grew with high technology and technical progress.
And 20 years ago it was more difficult for our parents without sensor screen, common accessible internet and credit cards. Such words as accommodation card, health resort, tourist agency, were for them their native one. Everything drew up in one place by one person. Our parents visited those place to what they were directed.

And we are presented to our fantasy, waged or accumulated money and depend from internet or mobile accumulator.
Tourist agency was changed to a lot of alternative programs or applications, loading from I-Tunes or Play Store.
Health resort, any rest at sea or ocean under the sun rays…

Accommodation card is only one step to reach this place. TV sang colorfully about Emirates, Thailand, Hawaii or India. Your friends, colleges or familiars have been there, already.

You have read a lot of forums, blogs about how it’s nice there, or what you shouldn’t do there…
Such way the travelling picture formed and we follow the practice: until grandmother won’t pretend this.

The TV colorfully sang about the Emirates, Thailand, Hawaii or India, your friends, acquaintances or colleagues have already visited there, you’ve read plenty of forums and blocks about how it is good there or what you should not do there – the picture was formed and go on to practice until my grandmother did not discourage.

Let’s passage to practice, formed during travelling’s years. We opened for ourselves next magic services, helping:
To reserve avia-tickets via KIWI.COM – to one way or there and back, chosen not only exact dates , but month, week or interval from Tuesday current week till Friday next one. It’s very comfortable in profitable flight searching.. Also it’s possible to co-ordinate flight chain between different cities and countries. Or to choose flight to nearest concrete airport, set radius at the map.

Also this service is responsible for your ticket’s reserving, trip’s registration, payment for tickets, for reimbursement and compensation of means under trip’s ceiling or delay.

In general, KIWI.COM helps you to walk with confidence, no-fly over the world!

There are business-classes of top avia Companies in collected works such as “Etihad Airways”, “Qatar Airways”, companies-alliances such as ‘Star Alliance’, ‘One world’, ‘Sky Team’; economic classes of different lowcosters over European region such as “Vueling“ and “Jet Airways”, over Asian part of continent such as “Jet Star”, “Air Asia”.

Next useful service for free travelers – BOOKING.COM – over the immense world, after long flight gives you chance to stop for the night in comfortable for you place.
Bungalow, apartments, guest’s houses, the best hotels from magazines cover, solitary hotels in jungles at the trees and near the river.
For any age, traveller’s content purse.
City guide-books ,bonuses and discounts for constant clients. Earlier settling and the latest eviction, taste breakfast –this is all is possible with BOOKING.COM

But to reach cosy bed in the hotel from airport and in the morning start next travelling it’ll be needed car which may be chosen using next service – RENTALCARS.COM
Baby-car for weak-point streets of big cities or premium-class for business meetings, micro-bus for big and friendly family or for delegation. Yes, but don’t forget to take with you in travelling credit card and current driving license.

How-ever you can’t do everything if you will not have Mobil connection, exactly working sim-card always and everywhere. Mobil internet is supported by – TRAVELSIM.
We must be always on-line.
To check card balance,to buy avia tickets ,to follow on-line registration and get by mail your flight coupon,to make hotel’s and car’s reservation, to get till concrete place using map or guide-book.
Even simply inform your relatives and friends how you ‘ve got the place or where should you be met .
To translate urgently from unknown language to your native one pair of phrases and a lot of other things.
Forget about your Mobil operator rouming and don’t break your brain how to find WiFi. TRAVELSIM will make your journey more easilier.

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