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Alemandros | Waves

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ALEMANDROS token | Purchase Instructions

To get ALEMANDROS, you need to follow some simple steps.


1. Open the platform by linking or manually typing

In the upper right corner, click on the "Get started", the menu opens.

In the menu that opens, select "Create password" and "Confirm password"

Push "Continue", next

Then choose one of the options:

  • "Create a new account" or
  • "Import accounts" qith your old account (Private key, Ledger, Keysore File)

2. After that, log into your Waves.Exchange platform profile, in the same way, type ALEMANDROS in the search.

3. Exchange ALEMANDROS tokens for any of the available pairs: USD / EUR / BTC / ETH / LTC / WAVES / BCH / BSV / XMR / ZEC / DASH / LIQUID / MRT / WCT / WNET / EFYT / TRY

You can fund your account to buy ALEMANDROS from a bank card or by crediting any cryptocurrency.

To purchase, you must have a minimum amount of WAVES on the account, the DEX platform collects a fee for each transaction in the amount of 0.003 WAVES ($ 0.005).

Now is available Sponsorship, you can send transfers in Waves Blockchain and pay fees with our tokens.

Save your private key phrase from your account.

You can download the official app for Android and the AppStore.

The cost of tokens will increase in proportion to the balance on the exchange.

After that, you can send the required number of tokens to our address by contacting us in advance and discussing all the conditions for performing your tasks.

In case you experience difficulties with the registration or purchase of Alemandros, you can contact us directly, in the Telegram channel or in any way convenient for you.

Thank you!

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