from Burgas to Sofia | 26 – 27 November 2017

Before Sofia we decided to get by car and leave it on paid parking, so it seemed to us more convenient, faster and more mobile, and more economical.
We set off on our way, one day before our trip.
The weather was wonderful, warm.
The next day, when our flight to Dubai, UAE was expected, a snowstorm began in the city, it got colder, everything was covered up with snow.

Having finished the necessary business, sending the orders to our customers from the online store, we took a taxi and drove to the airport.
All the warm things we left in the car. We went on the lung.

At the airport it became clear, we will fly out late, if we take off at all …
We were put on the plane on time, but as the captain announced, the flight is delayed, the strip is cleared and our board is on the 6th line for processing by the composition against icing.

As a result, we took off late in one hour. This did not make us very happy.
Now we could not go on a subway from Dubai Airport.
But, the main thing that flew and the flight was not canceled.


Bulgaria is a beautiful country on the Balkan Peninsula – forests, seas, fields and mountains, ancient Greek and Roman cities, markets and bazaars with a variety of goods and of course cozy, Bulgarian villages.

Bulgaria is located in South-Eastern Europe and occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Its territory is between 44 ° 13 ‘and 41 ° 14’ north latitude and between 22 °22 ‘and 28 °37’ east longitude. This is the European, Balkan, Black Sea and Danube states. Such a geographical position puts it between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Bulgaria is closer to the equator than to the pole and enters the southern part of the temperate climatic belt with the influence of subtropics. This location on the transition from one climatic zone to another is reflected in the climate, soils, vegetation and fauna. And for all of them there is a significant diversity.