Dubai, UAE | 27 November – 03 December 2017

The plane landed in Dubai late, the last bus, on which we could leave to the metro train station, left.
We already had a local currency with us, so we immediately bought plastic cards for payment in local public transport.
Until the next bus to Deira, there was about an hour of waiting, it was warm outside, settling down at the bus stop, we waited for the bus.
There was an idea to get to the city on foot, about 25-30 km, but supposing that we would not find a normal footpath in the city, the idea was abandoned.

Reaching the bus to the terminal station, it turned out that our hotel in Deira, and the ferry is no longer working. It was impossible to walk along the underground tunnel. Therefore, after asking the local location, they began to look for a bus stop, the next one to Deira.
Having finally arrived at the hotel, in anticipation of the rest and some kind of food, we were a little upset by the lack of normal rooms, the time was about 2 nights. We were given a room on the first floor, with one window facing the inside of the building, where the cat mewed assiduously.

Leaving things, we decided to find food, the closest institution was KFC, I would not call us fans of such food, but we had no choice.

The next morning, having moved to another bright and spacious room, on the top floor, with a witness to the central street, we went to the center.

Having reached the nearest metro train station, we went to the center of Dubai.
All trains are automated, there are no machinists in them.

It was already getting dark, so we decided to go outside the Burj Khalif, see the tower and the evening fountain show. We went to the Dubai Mall, a very large Shopping Center, from which not just get out.

The way to the hotel was again through the Dubai Mall, it is the metro station.

In Dubai Mall found a mock-up of the structure, which will be erected in Dubai, again higher, again more.

Walked along the Aquarium, did not enter inside, according to the description it is less than that we already were, in Istanbul.

For the first day was more than enough and we went to the hotel.

The next day, according to the previous plan, he’s the last one in Dubai, we started with Dubai Marina. Got the same way, metro train.

The water was cool enough, however, this did not stop some of you from still swimming. But we decided to go along the shore to The Palm Jumeirah. But, as it turned out, many beaches are private, private, we bumped into a dead end, there was only one way out, to return almost to the point from which we started.  Its Exit from The Beach:

Before The Palm Jumeirah got partly on the tram, partly on foot. We reached the place of departure of the monorail, we did not go to the palm tree, it is very expensive and too much Chinese tourists, there is nowhere to go.

Our next point is Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The path was chosen on foot, you go, you look, you admire. The only negative, it became very hot, so periodically make stops under the palms in the shade or inside the closed air-conditioned stops.

A few hours later, we saw Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The entrance was again private, so admired from afar. The whole territory, including the beach around it is built up, the only place, a paid bar-cafe on the beach or … watch from afar, as most tourists have done.

Further we moved on foot to the nearest metro station, the plans were to get to the center, to the tower. Our path, and this is a few kilometers, lay in a block with pretty nice mansions.

Having passed on the metro, we again went out on the square of fountains, near the tower.

After watching the next show of fountains, they began to walk along the evening city center.

The next morning, according to plan, we had a flight to India, the Golden Triangle, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. But this time, getting to India was not destined …
In the morning, having evicted from the hotel, we went on foot to the airport, simultaneously looking at the city, there was plenty of time. We walked along the Dubai Deira Creek.

Before the flight to India, there were about 6 hours left, so it was time to relax while walking to the airport.

We arrived at the airport on time, stocked up with provisions for the night flight to Delhi. But, exactly when the boarding for the plane was to begin, it was found out that the flight was postponed the next day, and we needed to stay for 24 hours or return to Dubai and spend the night there. The airline refused to provide anyone with a hotel, people were very unhappy.

In our case, everything turned out to be worse, our visa to India operated only until the morning and therefore, when the flight was carried over to the next evening, we could not get to Delhi (to extend or get a visa on the spot was not real either, so we were answered at the Indian Embassy and in the border service in India, where we called)

The airline advised us to receive a new electronic visa, usually it is issued for 2 days. Time was. But we all did not consider that the national day was in Dubai, everything was closed and the date on the electronic visa was far beyond our dates (our route Delhi, Agra and Jaipur already had an air ticket to Singapore), so we were severely restricted by Yes, there.

We decided to wait until the end of the holiday and go directly to the Embassy of India in Dubai.
Because of the holidays, the hotels in Dubai were all busy and only the most expensive remained. Therefore, the night spent the night, or rather, they were sitting at the airport.

In the morning, when it was light, we moved towards the city on foot.

The weather was very hot, so stayed in a cafe, cheer up a cup of coffee and book a hotel.

After booking an inexpensive hotel, we went to sleep, did not sleep more than 48 hours, in the morning – the Indian Embassy.

In the morning, visiting the Embassy of India, we learned that we will not have time to get any visa, so we decided to go to the airport the next day, get a ticket for the ticket and choose another direction, in the course of our trip, any country where we do not need a visa.
After the Indian embassy, on the subway train, we went to the city center.

Dubai Frame accidentally saw passing on the subway, decided to stop, see.

In the park, there were many walking, in honor of the national holiday, was the Fair.

In a nearby park, which can be accessed by a pedestrian bridge, for a fee, you can find dinosaurs.

On top of the day, walked from the photo frame to the city center.

In the morning, when you were evicted from the hotel, you saw an amusing sight, the hotel staff tried to decorate the tree, but it was evident that there was not enough experience.

Dined before a big walk to the airport, again in the same way, again on foot, again McDonald’s.

Arriving at the airport, we met with the representatives of the airline IndiGo, we made a full refund of the unfulfilled flight and helped to find the next segment of our trip.
We stayed in Sri Lanka, with a transfer in Oman, a visa for both countries was not needed for us. The transplant was kotortkaya, only 1 hour, but we must make it, there is no choice.
Flight night, again the night does not sleep, while enjoying the view from the window to the flying Emirates aircraft.

Instead of the planned 4 days, we spent 7 days in Dubai, it was a difficult time, situations that could question our Circumnavigation at the very beginning, but everything was resolved successfully and we are still moving to the East, following the Sun.

Dubai left a unique impression, be sure to come back here again.