August, 2017 |

August 2017



Man is made happy by 3 things: love, interesting work, travel possibility (Ivan Bunin).

And I would say the love to interesting work makes such possibility. And this grows to dependence.
This is like possessed. Yes, and we are possessed!

Protected ourselves from opium and alcohol, we became depended from history, biology, physics and other science.
Travelling unites this together.

Thirsty for drive, adventures, movements forward to all new and unknown, opening one by another Pandora boxes, packing up one pazl by another, remembering school geography lessons, we like young Magellan Alexanders or Christopher Columbus, burst into each new for us country and dipped with head into her culture, architecture, grocery and life mode.

Though no, we are Macedon Alexanders, living at Balkans near Macedonia. We live in Bulgarian Republic.

Somebody says:”I have been in Italy”, though drived only one time via Venice channels.

Or somebody says:”I have been in France”. Climbed up one time at tower and walked through Montmartre.

We visited the whole Europe, back again and again to the some countries, looking to the each corner.
Untypical, nontouristical, unusual one. Go down from ways pathed by millions.
Try on such different suits, go deep into such different minds and languages.

Now our way is to the EAST. To meet Sun. And our travelling is named .“ The Way to the Sun”.