#Stay to the Sun

We with Lockdown in USA 🇺🇸


in our Around The World Travel 🗺

Thanks to United States of America, Arizona, Phoenix and the Wonderful Peoples who help us in these Difficult Times.

"Three things make a person happy: love, an interesting job and the opportunity to travel" Ivan Bunin

We are Alexander and Alexander, live in European Union.

Today in our luggage there are 58 Countries of the world and 4 Projects that allow us to travel.

Our Third Asia & Oceania Journey from 11 October of 2019 to 21 November of 2019:

Bulgaria, UAE, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria

Our Second Around The World Trip from 10 of October 2018 to 18 April of 2019:

Bulgaria, Poland, Norway, USA, Japan, S. Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, UAE, Cyprus, Bulgaria.

And Our First Around The World Trip in 2017/2018 in 100 Days:

Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Bulgaria.

Now we starting our Fourth Asia & Oceania Journey Around The World 2020:

Bulgaria, UAE, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA

New Zealand 2020 | February

Queenstown, South Arm Lake, Christchurch, Blenheim, Picton, Ferry to North island, Wellington, Hasting, Hobbiton, Cape Regina, Auckland

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